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Copper KSTO-14 Carbon fabrics, water on solid fuel
  • Copper KSTO-14 Carbon fabrics, water on solid fuel
  • Copper KSTO-14 Carbon fabrics, water on solid fuel
  • Copper KSTO-14 Carbon fabrics, water on solid fuel
  • Copper KSTO-14 Carbon fabrics, water on solid fuel
  • Copper KSTO-14 Carbon fabrics, water on solid fuel

Copper KSTO-14 Carbon fabrics, water on solid fuel

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Water solid propellant copper  of Carbon KSTO-14 ― this unique offer from online store   !!! Our company is an exclusive dealer of coppers of Carbon in Ukraine.

The Copper Steel Solid Propellant Heating (CSSPH) of Carbon 14 (14 kW) is intended for heat supply of the rooms equipped with system of water heating of the opened or closed type with a broad tank.


The copper solid propellant Carbon AKTV-14 ― is an inexpensive and available heating copper which works at solid fuel and is intended for heat supply of the small houses, buildings and constructions equipped with systems of water heating. The copper is made of strong qualitative steel 3 mm thick at plant in Kharkiv. High-quality materials, import accessories and the latest modern equipment were applied to production of coppers Carbon. This model is made with pig-iron grid-irons

High quality and reliability of a copper is caused by the following parameters and rules at its production:

        • highly skilled welders participate in technology of welding process that provides and guarantees durability and reliability of a welding seam;

        • each copper passes double quality control in the course of production and acceptance. Separately the heat exchanger is tested, and at acceptance of finished goods ― all design in general;

        • accessories for coppers are made and imported from Poland

Advantages of a copper:

        • doors have a possibility of reinstallation on any party (the right ― left);

        • on the lower door the adjusting place for the turbine without the need for installation of additional adapters is provided;

        • the reinforced heat-resistant top door filled with a basalt heater;

        • possibility of installation of a mechanical temperature regulator;

        • qualitative sealing cord of 15 mm with an operating mode of temperatures to 80 degrees Celsius;

        • low price of the device and subsequent its operation;

        • an opportunity to heat coal, anthracite, firewood, pellets, wood waste, briquettes, sawdust;

        • possibility of connection to a copper of any additional module (fan, temperature regulator, microprocessor, various sensors), for more economic and most effective use;

        • at the request of the client the copper can be warmed by mineral wool 30 mm thick





 Characteristics  unit-ism  Conducted.
 Rated power  kW  14
 The heated area  m ²  140
 Heat exchanger steel thickness  mm  3
 Efficiency in the heating mode not less  %  75
 Water volume in a copper: not less  l  42
 Heat carrier temperature: min/max  °C  60/90
 Operating time on a main type of fuel   hours  ≤5
 Working pressure:  MPa (atm)   0.2 (2)
 Sizes of a fire chamber (VKHSHKHG):  mm  560х310х300
 Overall dimensions of a copper (VKHSHKHG):  mm  780х480х630 
 Copper weight:  kg  72



                  Type of Fuel.

And also use

• Sawdust and shavings

• Plywood, chipboard and MDF waste

• Wood granules (pellets)

• Peat lumpy and milling

• Brown coal

• Pod sunflower and rice

• Stalks of sunflower or corn.


If you want to buy the Solid propellant copper of water Carbon KSTO-14 for the reasonable and favorable price, with delivery across all Ukraine you can in our online store right now.

Attention! Due to the constant change of course of currencies, the prices specified on the website are approximate. The earnest request to all buyers to specify the prices at our phone managers! 

If you had any questions, our consultants with pleasure will answer them

Address we will pick up a copper on solid fuel for every taste and a purse .

The mechanical regulator of draft and automatic equipment are not included in the package. Komplektuyutsya in addition. The special prices upon purchase of a copper for accessories. 


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