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Flues from stainless steel
  • Flues from stainless steel
  • Flues from stainless steel
  • Flues from stainless steel
  • Flues from stainless steel
  • Flues from stainless steel
  • Flues from stainless steel

Flues from stainless steel

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Chimney systems from stainless steel are universal and can work with any heating equipment. Also they are convenient at installation and occupy an area minimum. Thanks to a modularity (the greatest length of a pipe - 1 meter) from accessories can be collected chimney system of any configuration.

LLC Versiya-Lyuks offers flues from acidproof and heat resisting stainless steel. Thanks to it our production has a wide range of application - from condensation gas coppers to fireplaces and wood furnaces. Considering it, an important point is selection of the correct thickness of a wall of a pipe from stainless steel. For gaseous fuel thickness of a wall of 0,5-0,6 mm whereas for firm - 0,8 or 1 mm, depending on temperature of combustion gases is recommended.

One-wall flues

One-wall flues from stainless steel are intended for a gilzovaniye of the existing brick channels. They reliably protect the existing flue from influence of the aggressive condensate which is formed in the course of operation of modern heating devices.

One-wall systems are used for laying of the smoke channel only in the heated room or as inserts in the existing brick flue of a gas copper, a fireplace, the furnace , etc...

































Double-walled flues

For arrangement of flues outside of the room (the attached flues, the part of a flue which is over a roof) the warmed flues (sandwich) are used.

Previously isolated pipes consist of an internal and external pipe (casing). Between them there is a pressed mineral-cotton insulating material on the basis of basalt breeds 30-35 mm thick maintaining temperature condition till 1000 º With and possessing low heat conductivity. It allows to minimize formation of aggressive condensate. Also due to isolation double-walled flues as much as possible keep temperature of combustion gases, preventing decrease in draft during the winter period.
























Important feature of a design of double-walled elements of flues of production of LLC Versiya-Lyuks is existence of segment rings. The geometrical form of these rings stiffens a pipe and prevents formation of so-called "thermobridge" between internal and external pipes. That is the segment ring aligns pipes one concerning another and at the same time practically does not carry out heat.

Filling of pipes a heater happens automatically therefore our chimney systems are durable and fireproof.

Coaxial flues

LLC Versiya-Lyuks makes coaxial flues for coppers with the closed combustion chamber (turbokotl). The coaxial flue at the same time takes away products of combustion and gives air to a heatgenerator fire chamber. Thanks to a coaxial design such chimney system is compact, and can be placed both vertically, and is horizontal.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 22.06.2020
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