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Heating and cooking wood Dream-15 furnace (Mriya) (Bullerjan)
  • Heating and cooking wood Dream-15 furnace (Mriya) (Bullerjan)
  • Heating and cooking wood Dream-15 furnace (Mriya) (Bullerjan)
  • Heating and cooking wood Dream-15 furnace (Mriya) (Bullerjan)
  • Heating and cooking wood Dream-15 furnace (Mriya) (Bullerjan)

Heating and cooking wood Dream-15 furnace (Mriya) (Bullerjan)

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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The heating and cooking Dream furnace (Mriya) is intended for economical heating of a country house of heated placing across up to 100 m ³, and also a food warming up.

The heating and cooking Dream furnace will warm up the room up to the optimum temperature for a short period of 30 minutes till 1 o'clock. A choice of the furnace on power should be made taking into account thermal insulation of walls. If walls are not warmed (concrete, a brick), then to bake it is necessary to choose on the power one and a half times bigger.

The furnace works only at firewood. On a forward wall of the furnace the gate for regulation of amount of air of the burning given to a zone is located. The Dream furnace of beskolosnikovy type, that is ashes is removed approximately once a week with the help a sovochka or a usual poker. The ashes layer in 4-5 cm (not above the lower level of a door) remains in the furnace constantly. It is possible to carry out ignition of firewood in the furnace from below the put firewood (usual lower burning) or from above (the principle of the top burning). At the top burning small rastopochny chips keep within from above average and large firewood. At the same time there is a smooth warming up of a flue and economy of firewood to 15%, due to increase in time of burning. Humidity of firewood should not exceed 20%. It is impossible to use svezhespilenny firewood.

The main operating mode of the heating and cooking furnace — the mode of economical burning at almost covered lower gate. The mode of open burning at the open gate is quickly used at a kindling of the furnace and for cleaning of the furnace — combustion of a layer of the collected soot. On lateral surfaces of the furnace which are made of stainless steel there are convective air ducts with openings on the top surface of the furnace. Through these air ducts air moves — from a floor it is involved cold, and leaves the top openings of an air duct hot. The furnace has a capacious fire chamber into which it is possible to load firewood up to 60 cm long. The fire chamber consists of two chambers. In lower directly there is a fuel burning process. The smoky gases which are containing carbon dioxide and not burned down fuel particles, come to the top chamber where there is a secondary burning.

On the top surface of the furnace it is possible to warm food or to warm up water. The Dream furnace will make your life at the dacha convenient!

Technical harakteristiki:naimenovaniye of the Value of Parameter parameter

Power, kW not less than 5

Weight, kg 38

Width, mm 380

Length, mm 720

Height, mm 600

The volume of the heated room, m ³ to 100

Maximum volume of laying of firewood, l 30

Volume of a fire chamber, l 39

Diameter of a flue, mm 110

It is possible to buy the wood heating and cooking Dream-15 furnace under the order with delivery to any region of Ukraine. You call if consultation or the help in the choice of the furnace is necessary for you.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 03.03.2021

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