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Heating furnace buleryan "Svarog M" of 01 (Bullerjan)
  • Heating furnace buleryan "Svarog M" of 01 (Bullerjan)
  • Heating furnace buleryan "Svarog M" of 01 (Bullerjan)

Heating furnace buleryan "Svarog M" of 01 (Bullerjan)

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Heating and cooking furnace "Svarog M"

Svarog the M is the upgraded version of the furnace of a buleryan "Svarog" which has a number of advantages in comparison with the predecessor. The furnace is intended for heating of inhabited and non - residential premises from 260 to 700 m3, and also a warming up of water and food. The developed surface of heat exchange provides high efficiency of the furnace and as much as possible promotes economic combustion of fuel.

Three operating modes

1. Furnace mode (mode of active burning)

 It is used at a kindling, and also for fast warming up of the room, a warming up of food and water. Work in this mode is followed by active combustion of fuel by air supply on grid - iron lattices and as a result, intensive allocation of thermal energy.

2. Mode of decay (pyrolysis)

In this mode the furnace can work till 10 o'clock, at the same time heating the room due to natural convection.

3. Fireplace mode (slow burning)

It should be used when there is a wish to observe live fire. Tongues of flame slowly lay down on glass, creating the fascinating atmosphere of a cosiness and comfort.

Number of constructive advantages

1. The system of convective pipes is designed for the maximum selection of heat ― pipes are completely in a fire chamber.

2. Existence of an ashpit considerably simplifies cleaning of the furnace from ashes and promotes a fast rozgoraniye of laying of firewood by air supply on a grid - iron lattice.

3. Completely autonomous system of supply of secondary air with a possibility of control of the mode of a dozhig of pyrolysis gases.

4. The system of an obduv of glass prevents glass pollution by soot during the work in the fireplace mode.

5. The built - in regulator of draft on a branch pipe of combustion gases allows to adjust the furnace on an optimum operating mode at any values of draft in a chimney.

6. Convective stiffening ribs provide additional selection of heat from the most vulnerable furnace sites to a burn - out, at the same time increasing efficiency.

7. Panoramic heat - resistant SchottRobax glass and also finishing of a facade of the furnace stainless steel create Svarog M beautiful design, as at the furnace fireplace.


Heating and cooking furnace "Svarog M"

The modified version of the Svarog furnace has the increased power in comparison with standard models and a cooking surface for cooking and heating of water. The efficiency of new model can reach 85% .

Technical characteristics of "Svarog M" Type 03 Type 02 Type 01

Thermal power, kW 14 22 32

The volume of the heated room, m3 260 460 700

Width, mm 590 590 590

Length, mm 510 590 750

Height, mm 790 790 790

Diameter of a flue, mm 120 150 160

Thickness of steel, mm 3 3 3

Sizes of glass, mm 200x220 200x220 200х220

The recommended price z the VAT, UAH 3828 4488 5280.

Very successful and good vesch. Gray all space around. Furnace of long burning. You see warmly what. Coefficient useful and besides it is possible to cook food.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 22.06.2020
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